went to last Wednesday’s game at Miller Park

So I went to Wednesday’s game at Miller Park with my dad.  The Brewers lost to Tampa Bay by a score of 6-3.  It had rained earlier in the morning and the skies were threatening with storm clouds for the rest of the day, so the roof was closed at the ballpark for that afternoon’s game.  It was a mild and windy day, and as we stood in line to enter the ballpark, we had to hold on to our hats because of the 35-mph wind gusts.

David Price was on his game and cruised through 8 innings, striking out 10 by lighting up the radar gun with 97-mph fastballs and buckling knees with his hard slider.  The Miller Park crowd was really never into this game until the 9th when Kyle Farnsworth loaded up the bases and made things interesting.

When Nyjer Morgan came to pinch hit with the bases jammed in the bottom of the 9th, the crowd roared with excitement and the atmosphere in the ballpark was electrifying.  “Tony Plush” got an RBI sac fly and earned a thunderous ovation from Milwaukee’s appreciative fans, but it was too little too late for the Crew in the end, as Farnsworth settled down to close out the game for the Rays.

I got a scorecard and a pencil before the game for $3.  We also spent over $20 for beer and brats at the ballpark…the brat was delicious with mustard and onions.  I don’t like Miller Lite, but that’s the only beer they serve at the ballpark, so I only drank about half of my cup.

We didn’t have any trouble with the other fans in the crowd, and I was even wearing my Tampa Bay Rays cap which my mom got for me on vacation in Florida earlier this Spring.  Our seats were excellent and well worth what we paid for them.  The new HD scoreboard in center-field greatly enhances the experience of attending Brewers games at Miller Park…I especially liked the 3D graphics and expanded view for statistics and player bio information.  You almost want to pay more attention to the scoreboard than the game action on the field, so in that sense it can be a bit of a distraction.

My dad and I selected this series when I bought the tickets for this game last February because we really wanted to see Ben Zobrist play for the Rays.  Ben is from our home region and he and Jim Thome are like hometown heroes for baseball fans in central Illinois.  We thought Ben played a good game, getting a hit and making some nice plays in right-field.  My dad and I weren’t the only people from Illinois who came to see Zobrist play because I noticed the cheers whenever he came to bat, and one fan in particular seated in the lower box section was actually wearing a Tampa Bay Rays jersey with Ben Zobrist’s name and number on the back.  I want to get one of those myself.

I was depressed after the game, not only because the Brewers lost the series to Tampa Bay but because I was starting to get annoyed with my dad’s behavior.  I guess I was depressed because I thought that this may very well be the last ballgame my dad and I will attend together.  I also think he’s getting too old for the travel and the stress of dealing with traffic and the crowds.  It just felt like the end of that experience in my life, and it stirred up feelings of regret and sadness inside of me.

Well, that was a longer entry than I originally expected to write.  I didn’t want to write this entry on my Brewers LJ community because I try to keep personal stuff out of the discussion there.  Maybe I’ll use this blog as more of a therapeutic response to the Brewers and my LJ community for the team as more of a talk radio format.  The dual blog format should produce some more interesting baseball writing.


ceremonial first blog entry

I don’t know how much I will update here.  I prefer to write about the Brewers on LJ, but this blog might start to grow on me over time.  I got an account here because I noticed that Rob Neyer is blogging on this network now.

I read Neyer’s baseball writing for many years before ESPN let him go this year.  I don’t read the blogger who replaced Neyer at ESPN’s web-site.  I guess after about 12 years of reading a particular baseball writer, you don’t want to start all over again with a new guy.  So I don’t really read baseball blogs anymore.

The Brewers won their rain-delayed game tonight vs. the Cubs at Wrigley Field by a score of 9-5.  I’m hoping that the team can salvage a split in this series tomorrow afternoon before heading out to Fenway Park to take on the red hot Boston Red Sox this weekend.  This is a special road trip in Brewers franchise history because they are playing at the two oldest ballparks in the game, both now 100 years-old.

The Brew Crew are having a successful season, but I think our front office needs to acquire a set-up man soon to stabilize our bullpen.  Loe and Estrada have both been struggling lately and are costing the team games in the late innings.  Most people are looking for Oakland to unload some of their relievers by next July’s trade deadline.  Maybe it would be advantageous to deal for bullpen help now before the market starts heating up and relievers get snapped up by other teams.

I’m going to to a Brewers game next week.  I haven’t been to Miller Park in a couple of years, so I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s sort of a special “Father’s Day” outing for me and my dad.

I’ll have to find a different way to use this blog.  I don’t want to cross-post the same entries I write about the team on LJ,  so maybe I could write more poetic narratives about Brewers baseball here.  We’ll see.